Flipper™ - Foldable Winch Handle Flipper™ - Foldable Winch Handle
Flipper™ - Foldable Winch Handle from €249,00 €297,00
Worldwide shippings. Shipping costs depends on the country. Sail quietly. Choose Flipper - The only foldable winch handle! Flipper™ is the only Foldable winch handle in the world; its peculiar characteristic lies in an innovative operation that allows its opening and closure through a patented system. Stop taking the handle from your pocket and risk losing it at sea!! If you are a sailor you know how annoying it is to remove and put the handle on the winch. Every time you risk losing it at sea. With Flipper all this will never happen again Our system allows you to leave the crank closed on the winch during winding and releasing the rope, avoiding the risk of losing the handle at sea, unlike the common cranks on the market that must be inserted and removed with each maneuver. Very high quality materials This product is obtained from 6061 aluminum ingots, thanks to the most modern numerically controlled milling techniques, then the anodizing treatment is applied, thus succeeding in eliminating the corrosion of the marine environment. The present steel is a stainless steel 316 L. Two differents Position vertical and horizontally  Its handle can be positioned in two different ways depending on the needs: vertically to be able to rotate faster, and horizontally to get more leverage and therefore more strength. Details: New Column New Column Weight  0.5kg - 11Lb Close position 145 mm -  5.70 Inc Vertical position length 205mm - 8.07 Inc Horizzontaly position lenght 300mm - 11.81 inc Star Universal Materials Stainless stell 316 f- Anodized alluminum- Abs Made In 100% Italy Type of manifacturing CNC manifacturing  Test and Quality control Each of our products is rigorously finished and assembled by hand and subjected to continuous checks by mechanical resistance tests in order to guarantee the best production quality. Click "BUY NOW" To Secure Your Today! Limited Items Available! YOUR PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x Flipper winch hanlde; 1x winch cover; 4x keychain; 1x Instruction Manual. FAQ Q: Why this cost? how is it produced? A: Flipper is produced through the milling of solid aluminum ingots unlike the other handles that are produced by casting.To produce a Flipper handle it takes about 10 hours. Q: Does this product break? A: It only breaks if you cut it with a very sharp saw. It has been tested to withstand a force of over 350kg. Q:How long will it last? A: You will take it with you until the last day you go on the boat. Our company has tested this product by placing it in a salt spray tank simulating a 10-year shelf life. Q:Where and How Flipper is made? A: Flipper 100% Made in Italy 🇮🇹. Watch this video of our production: LINK VIDEO PRODUCTION OUR GUARANTEE: Money Back Guarantee; Tracking Number For Every Order; Safe Payments; Real People on Our Internet Helpdesks; We have 24/7/365 Ticket end E-mail Support. Please contact us if you need any assistance at
easysea +care - Warranty extension 3 years for ALL your Flippers™ easysea +care - Warranty extension 3 years for ALL your Flippers™
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easysea +care - Warranty extension 3 years for ALL your Flippers™ €37,00
The +3 year Easysea all-inclusive warranty lasts 36 months and applies to all your Easysea products. We cover every accidental damage and manifacturing defect. What does it include? ✔ Unlimited and free interventions carried out by our qualified and authorised technicians (original spare parts, labour and product collection and shipping costs included).✔ Accidental damage coverage from day one and product replacement in case of irreparability.✔ No deductible or unexpected costs.✔ Priority of intervention. Insuring your products is really a smart choice!
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