Ease and trim without removing the handle

Faster maneuvers. Space-saver on your boat. Flipper™ is always ready to use on your winch

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Stop Losing Your Handles Overboard

Flipper is always ready to use, you no longer have to look for the handle and place it on the winch.

Thanks to its practical folding system this handle can remain on the winch even during the most
demanding manoeuvres, without risking of losing it overboard


Release and wrap the sheet without removing the handle from the winch

Stop risk losing it at sea

Faster maneuvers

Designed to last over time

Sail More Easily

Release and wrap the sheet without removing the handle from the winch

Faster manoeuvres

Stop losing it in the sea

Designed to last in time

See the potential of Flipper™

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More than just a handle

Other Handles VS Flipper

Standard Handle

Bulky and needs to be detached when not in use

9,8 inches maximum leverage

Needs to be removed to release the sheet

Makes precise manoeuvres difficult

It gets damaged quickly


Remains closed on the winch when not needed, already in position when needed

11,8 inches (30 cm) maximum lever

The sheet can be easily released without removing the handle

Precise manoeuvres without effort thanks to its maximum length

Flipper™ doesn't get damaged

Production Process

Flipper is built in Italy with the best materials, discover the production process in this video.

This product is obtained from 6082 anticorodal aluminium ingots thanks to the most modern numerically controlled milling techniques. After the CNC process the anodizing treatment is applied, eliminating the risk of corrosion caused by the marine environment. The steel present is the stainless steel 316 L.

The 4 Configurations


Flipper closes on the winch and allows
you to wrap or release the sheet smoothly


Many of our customers use it in this way or quick manoeuvres


In this position you use the standard-sized lever.

Extended - 30cm

Use the 30 cm long lever that no other handle in the world has. Carry out precise manoeuvres

How is it made?

Universal star stud to fit any winch

Made in CNC milled 6082 anticorodal aluminium.
This ensures that there can be no air bubbles inside. This will make the material stronger, and reduce demages.

Ergonomic knob in ABS

Flipper™ it's always ready-to-use.

The ergonomic design of the knob allows you to perform easily even difficult manoeuvres

Strong alluminium frame 100% made in Italy

Flipper™ is made of a robust frame. All joints are made of stainless steel 316L to withstand fatigue. The 6082 aluminium guarantess the connection hold.

Who is Flipper™ for?

For professional skippers

For travelers

For racers

For people who sail alone

For charters

We are sea lovers, attentive to the environment. We take care of every detail

Your flipper™ will arrive in a neoprene cover. It’s the same material used in diving suit, and it’s 99% reusable.

Together with Flipper’s anti fall-overboard system, we want to preserve the oceans from the pollution these events cause.

Who we are

Easysea is an innovative startup constantly engaged in the research and development of unique and innovative products, designed to simplify life at sea.

Our mission is to design, develop and market unique products that allow you to simplify and enjoy more your life on board.

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