Flipper™ - Foldable Winch Handle



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Flipper™ - Foldable Winch Handle


✅ Leave it folded on the winch when not needed

✅ 30cm maximum lever to maneuver easier and more precise

✅ Tested to withstand a force of over 350kg.

✅ 1 year guarantee included

See the potential of Flipper™

More than just an handle

Other Handles VS Flipper


Bulky and needs to be detached when not in use

25 cm long maximum lever

Needs to be removed to release the sheet

Makes precise manoeuvres difficult

It gets damaged quickly


Remains closed on the winch when not needed, already in position when needed

30cm maximum lever

No need to remove it to release the sheet

Precise manoeuvres without effort thanks to its maximum length

Flipper™ doesn’t get damaged


- -


0.5kg - 1.1Lbs

Closed position

145 mm - 5.70 Inches

Open configuration length

205mm - 8.07 Inches

Extended configuration length

300mm - 11.81 inches

Strut configuration

Star (Universal)


Stainless stell 316 f- Anodized alluminum- ABS

Made In

100% Italy

Type of manufacturing



Why this cost? How is it produced?

Flipper™ is produced hrough milling of solid aluminium ingots. Unlike the other
handles in the market, produced by casting.

It takes about 22 hours to produce one single Flipper .

Does this product break?

It has been tested to withstand a force of over 350kg.

It only breaks if you cut it with a very sharp saw.

How long will it last?

You will take it with you until the last day you go on the boat. Our company has tested this product by placing it in a salt spray tank simulating a 10-year shelf life.

Where and How Flipper is made?

Flipper 100% Made in Italy. Watch this video of how we make it 👇🏻

Ease and Trim without
removing the handle from the winch!

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